Could you be the next local Cornerstone Employer?

A Cornerstone Employer can be of any size - large small or even micro! They invest time and resource to benefit local schools and young people, engage with and recruit further businesses to make commitments and act as an ambassador for social mobility.

The Somerset Education Business Partnership (EBP) are working with the new Heart of the South West Careers Hub to increase the amount of Cornerstone Employers in Somerset.

The role of a Cornerstone Employer

As a Cornerstone Employer, there are many ways to make an impact on the young people in your area with the Careers Hub's support:

  • encourage senior staff to volunteer as Enterprise Advisers to pass on their business knowledge and expertise to young people with careers activities and connecting schools and colleges to their business contacts
  • partner with careers activity and mentoring providers to support and increase their delivery capacity
  • encourage your customers and clients to get involved
  • deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions for teachers, on business and industry, and offer workplace visits for teachers to sustain impact
  • promote the work that you do in the press, with blogs, in your business newsletter or social media channels
  • collaborate with other businesses to make the biggest possible impact in your area

Becoming a Cornerstone Employer

If becoming a Cornerstone Employer appeals to your business, please express your interest by contacting us.


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Released On 26th Nov 2018

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12th Nov 2018

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