NEET Prevention

Tackling NEET Toolkit

Connect your practical experience with a research informed framework for understanding the risks to NEEThood and how these risks interact with each other. Produced by the University of Bath in collaboration with SomersetWorks, this collection of resources are informed by recent research funded by the EU and include videos, intervention handbooks and case studies.

The resources and training materials have been produced for practitioners supporting young people who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET. Organised into three modules, these workshops and resources:

  • deepen understanding of the factors leading to NEEThood
  • outline a range of effective intervention strategies
  • give guidance on evaluating intervention to tackle NEEThood

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Supporting successful transitions

Supporting young people to make effective post-16 transitions into further education or employment can be highly challenging. Read on to find out about the support available in Somerset:

  • The SomersetWorks team liaises with schools and colleges to identify and support students from year 10-13 who are at risk of not making or sustaining a successful post-16 transition. You can refer a learner to SomersetWorks on this Referral Form.

  • Every post-16 college has transition officers to support students, parents and relevant agencies. The officers are usually placed within the student support team. Contact your young person's college direct for more information


Preparing for post-16 choices

Students making their post-16 choices can find helpful local information in:

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