Primary Futures

Research conducted by Education and Employers in 2018 found that children as young as 6 begin to form ideas of what they think they can and can’t become in the future - influenced by their surroundings - and develop gender stereotypical views around jobs. It also found that the aspirations of children don’t align with the needs of the job market for the future.
By connecting young people with real people from the world of work, Primary Futures aims to:

 > Raise aspirations and broaden horizons

 > Help young people to understand how subjects at school are relevant to jobs

> Challenge social and gender stereotypes

For volunteers, it’s a great way to give back to the community, and inspire and excite the workforce of tomorrow to consider their line of work. For the school, it’s a powerful means for encouraging students to consider the wide range of possibilities for their futures through fun activities.


In Somerset last year, over 8 primary schools worked with Primary Futures to hold aspirational activities for their students.
For more information on becoming a volunteer, or if you’re a school interested in using the service,
please contact Derrick at  

Released On 30th Aug 2019

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