Digital skills opportunity for 10 -13 years olds - #TechSheCan

PWC have developed the #TechSheCan charter to change the tide and inspire more girls to think about technology careers in a different light. The #TechWeCan program is based on interviews with 2000 A’ level Students which found that whereas 62% of males would consider a career in tech, only 27 % of females had. Furthermore only 16% of females had technology suggested to them as a career compared to 33% of males.

The TechWeCan program aims to change this outlook at a younger age, working with 10 -13 years olds through 6 x 2 hour lessons. To see the program in action, here is a link to a press release from the schools in Coventry who took part in the first pilot.  Following on from this, the South West now has an opportunity to be part of the second pilot and are looking for schools that would be keen to part after Easter 2019!

A quick summary the #TechWeCan programme is :-

  • Aimed at 10 -13 year olds
  • Delivered over 6 x 2 hour lessons
  • Teaching is via an Apple or Android phone connected to a projector
  • Setup costs are <£50 which covers the purchase of a apps from the Appstore ( this is a one off purchase)
  • Full training is given via Skype ahead of the lesson to the member of staff delivering
  • Program maps to 6 of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Pupils receive a Bronze Crest award


Please get in touch to arrange a call with TechWeCan after half term. -



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Released On 13th Feb 2019

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