Apprenticeship funding bands change – August 2018

From August 2018, the government has increased the number of apprenticeship funding bands from 15 to 30 – in response to employers ‘not feeling able’ to negotiate training costs with providers .

The Department for Education announced in February 2018 that current funding band structure was under review.

“When we moved to 15 funding bands, we expected to see employers and providers negotiating on price below the funding band upper limit. However, this hasn’t materialised across all of the market, with many employers telling us that they do not feel able to negotiate with providers. We are therefore considering changes to incentivise negotiation and drive better value for money.”

Every apprenticeship standard or framework scheme is allocated a funding band of between £3,000 and £27,000. This represents the maximum government or levy funding an apprenticeship can attract and employers are expected to negotiate with providers on the price.

Employers can agree to pay more than the funding band maximum. However are responsible for any cost that exceeds the funding band maximum.

For Apprenticeship funding help and guidance, please contact or call 01823 785440.

Tags: Employers, Schools and Colleges

Released On 29th Aug 2018

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