COVID-19: Advice and support on employment

You will find information on a number of questions that you may have surrounding employment including advice on job hunting and preparing for interviews.

Use the headings below to help you find the information you need:



If you have lost your job or if  your job is now at risk, here are some tips to help you with searching for a new role:

Before starting your job-hunt consider:

  • What you enjoy and are good at
  • Where you can travel to
  • Any caring responsibilities that might affect when or where you can work

If you would like advice on possible careers and how to find them visit the National Careers Service website for more advice and guidance.

I want to earn some money over the summer before studying in September. Where do I look?

You can look for work through:

Personal contacts

  • Your skills may suit customers or suppliers that you know through your most recent employment;
  • Family members and friends may have suitable opportunities or know of people that do;

Online search

Many jobs are advertised online. An internet search using keywords for the job you are interested in will help you gauge what is available locally. The search results will most likely include some of the larger job search sites. You can then use these sites to narrow your options. Some of the larger sites are:

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, labour demand in food production, food supply, supermarket retail, transport and delivery services is massively outstripping supply. This has created short term employment opportunities: 

There are also sites specific to Somerset and the South West:

and for apprenticeship opportunities visit Skill Up.

You can also register with recruitment agencies that help businesses to find employees. This can help you to identify jobs that may not be widely advertised. The recruitment consultant can help match you to relevant roles. Visit Agency Central to find a recruitment agency near you.



How do I complete a job application?
You can get help with how to fill in your application on the National Careers Service website.

How do I prepare for an interview – online or in person?
If you apply for a job online or through an agency it is likely that the employer will interview you if they feel you may be suitable for the role. You can find advice on preparing for interviews here >

During the COVID 19 outbreak any/most interviews are now being held over the telephone, or via digital platforms (e.g. skype). You can prepare for this by trialling the technology with family and friends. You can ask someone to hold a ‘mock interview’ and they can give feedback on your appearance, surroundings and answers. Try to find a quiet place with a neutral background if possible.

Pathway CTM are opening their Pre-Employment Programme to all students aged 15-18 across the UK. By joining this Programme, you will get access to weekly Newsletters giving you full information on all the digital events that Pathways are hosting, including informative Workshops covering everything from How To Create a CV; Preparing for a Video Interview; Work Experience and LinkedIn Masterclass.



What does furlough mean?
If you are on furlough under the Government’s Job Retention Scheme it means that you do not work for your employer for 3 weeks or more, but still receive at least 80% of your wages during this period. Your employer checks if they are eligible for the scheme and must apply to place you on furlough. If you have two jobs you can continue to work in one whilst on furlough in the other.

I’m on furlough from my current employer; can I work or volunteer for someone else?
You can undertake training or volunteer subject to public health guidance, as long as you’re not:

  • making money for your employer or a company linked or associated to your employer
  • providing services to your employer or a company linked or associated to your employer

Can I be made redundant whilst on furlough?
Your employer can still make you redundant while you are on furlough, or afterwards. For full guidance visit the GOV.UK website >



I need to claim benefits whilst I look for a new job.
If you are over 18 and have been made redundant you may be able to claim Job Seekers Allowance (JSA). You can usually apply for JSA online. Find detail on how to claim here >

Please be aware that the Job Centre has experienced a very high volume of new claimants and may respond more slowly than usual.  The Job Centres are only physically open to the most vulnerable who are incapable of self-managing.

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