COVID-19: Support for young people and parents

The ongoing response to the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting all areas of our daily lives.  Here you will find information for young people, parents and carers to help with issues and questions surrounding exam cancellations, Further and Higher Education, employment and more.

Use the questions below to help you find the information you need:

Can I still start my apprenticeship?
Check the education resource page >  

I've had to defer my studies. What help is available?
Check the education resource page >  

I need financial support to continue my education. Where can I find help?
Check the financial wellbeing page >


Can my child return to university?
Check the Resources for Parents page >

Where can I find help on teaching my child at home?
Check the Resources for Parents page >


Where can I find advice on searching for a job?
Check the employment resource page >

I would like to find out more about a career I'm interested in for the future.
Check the careers advice resource page >


I would like to volunteer to help my community during this crisis. How do I go about it?
Check the health and wellbeing page >

How can I stay active whilst in self-isolation?
Check the health and wellbeing page >

I'm finding self-isolation difficult to deal with. Where can I find support?
Check the health and wellbeing page >


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